5 Steps for Converting PSD to WordPress Theme Conveniently


Being a popular platform for creating websites, WordPress has been preferred by many top businesses around the world. These days’ websites have become an absolute necessity for all kind businesses to grow and flourish. While efforts are being made towards making WordPress development more efficient and cost-effective, PSD to WordPress conversion has emerged as an impressive way to fulfil such objectives. Using the following steps, you can convert your Photoshop designs into a high-quality WordPress theme.

Analyze Your PSD

First, you need to analyze your Photoshop files to check out the intricacies of design and to come up with a perfect plan to convert the design into the desired WordPress theme. You have to walk through the complete design carefully to get the understanding of how you will be doing this.

Slice Your PSD

After analyzing your PSD files, next you need to slice the document into different image files. These image files will contain different elements of your PSD design such as header, footer, sidebar, etc. Now save the image files in PNG or JPEG format. You don’t have to slice elements such as buttons, solid color, gradient backgrounds, etc because they can be built using CSS code.

Download and Add Bootstrap

Now you have to go to Bootstrap website to download this front-end framework. After this you need to extract it in a folder on your system. Then add it in your code.

Coding the PSD Design

The next step is about coding the Photoshop design and creating HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript code. Start with a basic HTML template and name it index.html also create a style.css file. You have to initiate the Bootstrap framework by integrating the downloaded files into the header of index.html also you need to add the associated JS files in the body section. Alternatively, you can add CDN links of Bootstrap and don’t need to download the framework.

Integration with WordPress and Testing

After converting your PSD into HTML/CSS code, the next step deals with the integration of the HTML template into WordPress. You have to create index.php and style.php files to convert the template into a WordPress theme. Do it yourself if you know or you can hire a WordPress developer if you don’t have sufficient knowledge. When your theme is ready, you need to test it rigorously to ensure that it works well in different devices and web browsers.

Final Note

As a popular content management system, WordPress is used for developing varied websites, blogs, and E-Commerce portals. Nowadays, PSD to WordPress conversion has become the topmost method for developing websites. Moreover, the process of converting PSD designs into a WP theme demands knowledge of varied web technologies. If you are not good at web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, then you can find difficulties with Photoshop to WP conversion. You need to look for a trusted PSD to WordPress conversion company to create your WP theme.