8 Mistakes to Avoid During PSD to WordPress Conversion


Most entrepreneurs are attracted to open-source web development platforms like WordPress for creating websites. These platforms come with a lot of features and great functionalities that make website development a cakewalk. Now PSD to WordPress conversion has taken website development to a new level and broadened the ways of creating an attractive website.

While PSD to WordPress is indeed an effective approach to build customized and creative websites, the process may turn awry if you don’t avoid some mistakes. What are the mistakes? When converting PSD to WordPress, many people commit mistakes that could affect their whole project. So, here are the mistakes that need to be avoided when converting the Photoshop files to a WordPress theme.

Defining PSD to WordPress Conversion

WordPress is a very popular content management system that is widely used by businesses to create multifarious websites. This CMS is equipped with tons of great features that make website development a breeze. Nowadays, businesses are using Photoshop files to build websites using this CMS. PSD is a Photoshop file that holds the structure and design of a site that a person wants to build. A developer can use these files to create a custom WordPress theme. It is a robust method to build a custom website with extensive functionality.

1. Incorrect Use of Inline CSS

You have to write HTML and CSS code in the process of converting Photoshop files into a WordPress theme. During the process, if you find inline CSS in the case of creating multiple similar pages. In that situation, many developers apply inline CSS everywhere to maintain consistency. You shouldn’t do this. You need to create an individual CSS file and link it with a PHP file. These individual CSS files will work on multiple pages.

2. Inappropriate Closing of Tags

WordPress is an open-source CMS that is powered by PHP coding language. When performing PSD to WordPress conversion, you must take care of PHP syntax and ensure that you write perfect code. Inappropriate closing of tags is another mistake that many naive developers can commit too often and even experienced developers can do so. Hence you need to be careful in coding and make sure that all the tags are closed. Many times, conversion doesn’t go as expected, so you should check if the tags are properly closed or not.

3. Typography is Not Appropriate

In an attempt to attract and impress more visitors, many website owners try using fancy typography. But this can have an adverse effect on your website if the visitors on your site face problems reading the content. The visitors will give no second thought to leaving your site and find an alternative. Hence you should choose the right typography for your website that helps in ease of reading. Hence void using weird and hard-to-read fonts and resort to using easy fonts that offer better readability.

4. No Proper Image Size

Images have become vital elements of websites because they offer a quick and easy way to tell your story or to convey your message. However, many a time, website owners undermine this aspect and don’t use the best quality images with the proper size. This is a bad way to use images on your website that destroys the overall user experience. You need to ensure that you are using the right image format and proper size to create a quality appearance. Make sure that the image you are using is not too large or too small. You can also utilize HTML to WordPress conversion to build a responsive and standards-compliant website.

5. Inappropriate Site Navigation

Navigation is a crucial element of a website that allows users to jump from one page to another as well as browse through pages and find their desired information easily. Good navigation is inevitable for a successful website. Poor navigation on a website will affect the value of your site and confuse visitors; so they leave your site sooner or later. Hence you should ensure that your website has proper navigation with easy-to-use features. Intuitive navigation enhances the user experience and attracts more visitors. Hence you should take care of navigation when converting PSDs for successful WordPress website development.

6. Inaccurate Linking of Pages

Links are of two types: internal and external links. External links help connect pages or content that are live on other websites. An internal connects a web page or content on the same website. You need to make sure that both external and internal links are used appropriately on your site when converting PSD to WordPress. The internal links on your site enable search engines to find more website pages and add them to the search indexes. These links also help visitors to go to new pages and get more information about a topic.

Proper linking of web pages is essential for a website and search engines like Google prefer websites linked with proper keywords. Websites with improper linking in web pages can result in an adverse impact on websites. So, proper linking of web pages is important to give a boost to your website’s SEO.

7. Autoplay Video / Aaudio

Often website owners like to add multimedia content on their websites like audios and videos to enhance user engagement. Indeed the video and audio on a website look visually attractive and compelling. They do have limitations in use because this content could affect the loading speed of a page. And, this where many website owners commit mistakes by keeping video/audio content on autoplay mode on a website.

Website owners can also add audio clips for the interface content. You should avoid using autoplay video/audio to improve performance and media content like videos, images, and GIFs to explain written content and would be irritating to present in the audio form. Hence you should take care of the audio/video content on your site with PSD to WordPress conversion.

8. Content With Errors

Content is an important element on a website that should be without any errors or mistakes. So you should proofread the content and check spelling errors before uploading the content on a website. Errors in your content may not convey the desired information to your website visitors and affect your image. You need to make sure that the content you write is presented in easy-to-understand language and convey the information easily. Thus this is another mistake that you should avoid on your website during PSD to WordPress conversion.

Final words

Today, websites have become a necessity for every kind of business because they bridge the gap between customers and companies. Moreover, PSD to WordPress has become a popular way to build customized websites. Therefore entrepreneurs are looking for PSD to WordPress conversion services to create websites as per their preferences and needs. You can take advantage of this process to develop a creative and unique website that matches your specific business requirements.

So, if you are considering developing a website then you can use PSD files to build a perfect website according to your preferences. However, when it comes to converting the PSD files to WordPress website, many mistakes should be avoided that are often committed by developers. We talked about some of the mistakes that need to be avoided in this blog. You can make the conversion process a success by taking care of all these mistakes and work flawlessly on your project.